Musical practice in the global arena has moved away from its roots and original function as one of the most significant human expressions to deal with the deepest values of humanity such as social communication, cultural interaction, ritual and spiritualism.

At the beginning of the 21st century many musicians simultaneously engaged in indigenizing and contextualizing music within their own cultures. Therefore, world music can be treated as a musical language that can function best to connect various societies and cultures in the world.

For this reason, we are planning to unify and intensify all the efforts to regain the power of music in dealing with the deepest value of humanity in the form of music institution called: LOKASWARA (Center of the Universal Sound).



  • To found center for research and development of world music cultures.
  • To preserve and maintain the diversity of world music in the global arena.
  • To develop sustainable cultural resources for the new millennium musical expression.
  • To create a forum for global collaboration among indigenous musicians across the continents.
  • To develop system of world music education in international level.
  • To form World Music Orchestra that represents indigenous instruments and cultures of the world.
  • To open new musical horizon for the new millennium.