Eco Music Camp 2017



Our program includes eco talks, recycled music and capoeira workshops, performances of international and Indonesian eco friendly music and late night jam sessions.


  • Capoeira
  • Recycling Music
  • Hip Hop
  • Green talk
  • Folk arts and crafts


Driving to Tea Garden Resort from Jakarta

Drive in the Cipali toll and exit in Subang, in the direction towards Bandung. Subang to Ciater is approximately 60-90 minutes drive. From Jalan Raya Ciater, follow the road for 3 km and there will be a “Tea Garden Resort” signage on the road. Turn right following the signage and the resort is located on the right side of the road, with the entrance of TGR across the street from the entrance to Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort.




Eco Music Camp 2016

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Eco Music Camp 2015


Music and nature are two inseparable elements. Within the Hindu holy book of Veda, it is said that the universe begin at a single note : OM. This  note echoes as a mantra and created the universe.

The most ancient form of music is created by nature. It manifest itself in the world’s oldest musical instrument called the Stone Chimes. There was a surprising discovery recently : This ancient musical instrument was discovered in Gunung Padang site in Cianjur. This site is suspected to be older than 15 thousand years.

The discovery in Gunung Padang proves that West Java is an area in which music plays an important role as the earliest form of  humanity’s creative expression with nature.

This historical discovery triggers the idea to create  a music festival that emphasize our relation with nature : ECO MUSIC CAMP (EMC) will be held on 7 to 9 August 2015. 

Eco Music Camp would like to remind us that music and nature in inseparable. Which is why the most ideal place to enjoy music is in nature itself. By bringing music back to where it came from we hope to arouse awareness of the importance of nature in our life.

Eco Music Camp is a music activism movement that intends to bring all layers of society to love nature and it’s bio-diversity. Through Eco Music Camp, we would like to invite everyone to plant trees wherever you are. Our motto for Eco Music Camp is : One Tree, One Breath, One Sound.

We choose Taman Buah Mekarsari as our location because it is the only tropical repository in the world that have all kinds of rare and almost extinct fruits. This 200 hectare fertile ground is an ideal location to appreciate the richness of our bio-diversity.

It is also an ideal acoustic environment to appreciate music in the heart of nature within a camping ground surrounded by hundreds of rare tropical fruits from all over Indonesian tropical jungle.

The music that will be performed are of the vocal and acoustic kind, using instruments made from wood, bamboo, and string with the open air as it’s resonance container. The vibration of sound that these vocal and musical instruments create will merge with nature as OM.

This kind of acoustic music hold message of ecological balance from the universe. The harmony of man and nature reflects the balance of ecosystem and implies what we know as local wisdom

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