Video Profile : Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAF)


Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAF)

In the course of history, artists are always able to capture new cultural impulse and awareness at every turn of the century that caused a big social transformation within the society and expressed it in a very unique way.

The emergence of Dada and Futurism in the last century was a result of that process—the acceleration of life caused by the domination of machinery in human life. The best example of that type of art work was Charlie Chaplin’s movie entitle “Machine”.

At the beginning of our 21st century, the acceleration of life happened again and this time was caused by the domination of digital technology. In the digital era, the issue of speed was beyond people’s comprehension and imagination.

The digital speed has practically shrunk the world into a tiny space that can be crossed within a split second. And the most sensational way to do it is by using a small gadget in our hand called smartphone. Hence the impact of digital revolution seemed to be beyond people’s understanding.

At this point, artists have started to take their roles again to capture the new impulse and awareness and express them into unique forms of arts.

BIDAF also intends to promote Bandung and its greater area to be the center for digital arts scene and education in Indonesia. BIDAF feature artists working with various digital media such as sound, video art, mix-media, dance, animation, installation and performance.

The three-day festival will by highlighted by series of workshops, lectures and demo on animation and digital music with the main objective to encourage students to enter the digital world.

BIDAF will also feature leading scholars in the digital world to provide us with visions and crucial issues of the 21st century, especially in relation to Asian culture and artists and their possibly contributions to the digital era in the global arena.

What is interesting, the festival will feature rare performances of artists from Korea-USA (Jin Hi Kim), Australia (Greg Schiemer) and Indonesia (Helga Yosiana and Firsty Soe). Acting as a curator for Video Arts and Installation is Heru Hikayat.

The festival is also supported by educational and art institutions such as Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) and Universitas Pasundan (UNPAS).

BIDAF will certainly serve as one of the significant catalysators for Bandung and its greater area to reclaim its previous position in the early 20th century and Indonesia’s top-notch education, art and cultural center.


Franki Raden, Ph.D.