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Island Southeast Asia Centre – Showcase event

Indonesian National Orchestras Visit, 4-6 October 2011

On 4-6 October 2011, we enjoyed the honour of hosting the visit of the 40 plus members of the Indonesian National Orchestra, including Dr. Franki Raden, composer and founder of the group. Members of the orchestra come from different areas of Indonesia with different religious, social, cultural and class backgrounds. Many are local maestros and are curious about each other’s music. The breath-taking concert on 6 October was attended by approximately 600 people, who gave a standing ovation to the dedicated artists and their director at the end of the show.


Greeting Franki Raden,

My wife, Catherine Schieve, and I, both composers, attended the INO concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Thursday night, and we were both transfixed with wonder at it. What a wonderful project, and what glorious music! To combine all those cultures into a single orchestra, and with such lively pieces was a great idea. I wish the Orchestra every success and I hope it manages to stay around for a long time to develop its potential.

All the best wishes, and good luck for the concerts in Canberra and Sydney.


Warren Burt



23-10-2011 20:27:58

Franki Raden Akhirnya Menggetarkan Sydney

Setelah tampil sukses di Melbourne dan Canberra, Franki Raden bersama dengan INO (Indonesian National Orchestra) menggebrak Sydney dengan penampilan matangnya di City Recital Hall Angel Place, Martin Place, Sydney, pada 9 Oktober lalu.

Apresiasi masyarakat Sydney baik Indonesia maupun non-Indonesia terhadap INO cukup besar, terbukti dengan padatnya bangku-bangku yang ada. Orkestra saat itu dibagi menjadi 3 sesi.

Di penghujung acara, penonton disuguhi buah kejeniusan seorang Franki Raden dalam perfomance bertema Voice of Diversity, sesuai dengan temanya, potensi musik tradisional Indonesia yang beranekaragam serasa “being push to the limit.” Ketika performance selesai, seluruh penonton melakukan standing ovation pada Franki Raden dan pemusik-pemusik INO. Tentunya ini merupakan feedback positif bagi INO dalam memperkenalkan musik tradisional Indonesia ke mancanegara. Semoga INO semakin berkembang pesat dan tak lupa untuk mengucapkan: “Thank You Franki Raden for putting them together!” (Johan).


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October 7, 2011

Indonesian orchestra brings diverse sounds of archipelago to Australia

An ensemble of over 40 musicians from Indonesia is touring major Australian cities with a singular music performed with instruments and sensibilities from across the archipelago.

In the process blending the sounds of new and old in a way that could provide a model and inspiration for all of Indonesia.

From the sounds of hypnotic Sunda voices and Balinese gong, to organ-pipe sized Sumatran bamboo percussion and ornate stringed bows, the Indonesian National Orchestra conjures up a new music from different and distinct traditions.

As Indonesia’s politics becomes increasingly localised and fractious after decades of iron rule from Jakarta, the Indonesian National Orchestra’s attempts at forging a new national soundtrack from its disparate musical cultures may just be the ideal model to emulate in the newly reborn democracy.

Kean Wong
Australian Broadcasting Corporation