Vission & Missions

INDONESIA is located at the crossroad of Indian and Pacific Ocean, The archipelago has been known as the fourth largest country with the most diverse ethnic group, culture and religion. Therefore, being an Indonesian, we realize that the world needs more engaging and direct intercultural communication between ethnic groups and nations across the globe.

Film, in this case, is the most powerful and effective medium for allowing people from different parts of the world communicate to each other and share their most important values and issues.

This is the reason why we organize an ethnographic film festival called: INDONESIAN ETHNOGRAPHIC FESTIVAL or IEF-Fest in the world largest archipelago. IEF-Fest aims to provide an international platform for all kinds of film genres that engage with the issues of indigenous culture, religion, social and politics. The genre can be documentary, art, drama or something beyond these categories. For this reason, we would like to invite you to join our festival.